3 Advantages of Installing IP Video Surveillance System for Businesses

IP video surveillance system in Houston,TX

When they were first introduced, grainy analog surveillance systems were a breakthrough in monitoring and security for businesses everywhere. Today, analog technology has become obsolete because of the IP video surveillance system.

You should be aware of the advantages IP video surveillance systems can offer your business when considering installing a new system or upgrading an existing one. The purpose of implementing a security camera system is to protect your company’s assets, which include infrastructure as well as hardworking employees who play vital roles in its success. Your company can benefit from installing an IP video surveillance system in a number of ways, from preventing theft to detecting customer movement patterns.

Here are three ways an IP video surveillance system benefits businesses:

01: Reduce loss, theft, and vandalism

Compared to analog systems, IP video surveillance systems have obvious advantages. In addition to capturing and storing more video than analog systems, IP systems provide superior video quality. A high-definition IP surveillance system offers a wider viewing angle and higher resolution. Businesses benefit from this ability to see clearly what is taking place within and around their facility – both the good and the bad.

You can now provide quality images to law enforcement to be used in prosecuting suspects due to the clearer images you have available. As a result, you can pursue charges against individuals caught stealing or vandalizing property. By doing so, you have a much more effective deterrent than an analog system that merely captures an individual based on poorly defined details.

Additionally, your company may be able to save money with improved video resolution and coverage angles. As your company’s coverage increases, less money will have to be spent on cameras and associated infrastructure.

02: Experience Easier Installation of IP Video Surveillance Systems

The IP video surveillance system in Houston, TX is easier than installing analog systems, requires fewer pieces of equipment and makes your security team more efficient. Video feeds from multiple cameras are difficult to view on analog surveillance systems due to complex wiring. With today’s advanced digital surveillance systems, installation and maintenance are much easier.

03: Enable Remote Monitoring

A digital surveillance system might have this advantage most overlooked. As long as you have a connection to the Internet, you can monitor the activity on your surveillance feeds with a highly-integrated IP video surveillance system in Houston, TX.

The same applies to smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Logging into your security system from any of these devices allows you to view live streams or access archived footage.

We offer all types of security camera systems at Texas Owl Security Solutions, whether they are wireless between buildings or installed on a single site, or analog or IP.

Among the leading brands that we offer are Hikvision, Axis, Digital Watchdog, Mobotix, as well as others. We hope to provide you with evidence of what happened and when, and to give you the opportunity to see your property live.

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