7 Benefits of Residential & Commercial CCTV Installations in Houston, TX

residential and commercial CCTV

Do you want to install a new security camera system to protect your commercial property or home? What if you could see your entire property at a glance and even prevent crime before it occurs from your smartphone?

There is a wide range of image resolutions, integration capabilities, and applications for security camera CCTV systems. Many business or home security cameras are installed indoors and others outside. Some pan, tilt, and zoom to provide broader coverage, while others are built to detect license plates entering a parking lot. Every business or homeowner should invest in a security camera system.

What’s the reason? A video record of any crime perpetrated on your property will help you not only catch the perpetrator, but it will also show you where your security system is weak and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

How CCTV Can Benefit Your Business or Home

01: Productivity Boosted

No matter whether you’re there or not, employees tend to be more productive when they believe they’re being recorded. Rather than wasting time, they will remain focused during the day.

02: Profits increase when costs are reduced

CCTV systems can help you save money over time. Removing security personnel decreases payroll expenses by a little or a lot.

Additionally, it is highly scalable. The integration of more surveillance cameras will become a piece of cake as your business grows.

03: Compliance with business laws

Regulations like HIPPA or SEC require video surveillance in certain industries. Companies may also have internal policies that require video surveillance. Both cases require CCTV systems.

04: Burglary, theft, and vandalism can be prevented

Criminals are deterred by CCTV systems. If criminals see that cameras guard your premises, they are less likely to break into your business or steal from your retail store.

05: Surveillance in real-time

Monitoring activity occurring within your business premises on a real-time basis is known as real-time surveillance. Many systems record footage, which can later be viewed. By using CCTV, you can see what is happening right now on your mobile device!

06: Maintaining records

Your employees need accurate clock-in and clock-out records so you can keep track of their time! When you want to prove something to an employee during a review, you can use video evidence.

Additionally, you may need it to monitor deliveries or even visitors entering and leaving your building.

07: Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is the most important part of all. When you’re not in the office monitoring your business, you worry about its well-being. Having 24/7 access to your business is one of the many benefits of a CCTV installation.

How Can Texas Owl Security Solutions Help?

Here at Texas Owl Security Solutions, we offer a variety of solutions for CCTV installation and repair including residential and commercial CCTV installations in Houston, TX. For more information on our fish-eye cameras, or wireless security cameras for commercial and residential use, contact us. We’ve got you covered!

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