Alarm Systems: Crime Trends in the Time of Covid

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As a reputable company offering alarm monitoring and alarm installation services in Houston, Texas, we make it our mission to stay current on the most recent statistics related to violent and nonviolent crimes across the country. Keeping track of crime trends in our area helps us stay ahead of the curve.

The FBI reports both good and bad news regarding crime during this global pandemic. Unfortunately, the United States saw its largest-ever annual increase in murders while other crimes, including rape, robbery, and property crimes, decreased.

Take a closer look at these numbers and how our region of the country fits into the overall crime trends.

What 2020-2021 can teach us about crime?

Since the Coronavirus pandemic was highly contagious, many Americans stayed at home, as a precaution to protect themselves and their families.

The murder rate is rising 

Murder rates have increased by 30% over the past decade and will continue to do so until 2021, according to FBI statistics.

Reports in the Guardian and analyses by experts indicate that murder has increased in every region, including small towns and suburban areas as well as big cities. According to the new government estimates, at least 77% of the homicides were committed with firearms.

As mobility decreases, crime increases

Crime increased as a result of this change in mobility. The FBI reported that crime fell 23% in the first month of COVID lockdown and has remained lower since then.

Compared to data from five years ago, crime rates in 25 of the country’s largest cities decreased substantially because of the population’s inactivity.

Crime stats shift

In some cases, crime seems to be increasing, in some cases it is declining. Household burglaries decreased while car thefts and commercial burglaries increased. There were fewer burglaries in homes during the pandemic because most people were hunkered down in their homes for several months or years.

Professionals have returned to work in most cities, towns, and regions now. It may be a good idea to install a home security system, alarm systems in Houston, TX now since home burglaries are likely to return to previous levels as mobility increases.

Of all the crime stats, drug crimes have fallen the most. They have fallen by 65%. Unfortunately, many police departments shifted their attention to other issues during the pandemic, resulting in a possible skew in arrest numbers.

What you should know 

Some important insights can be gained from examining crime rates during the first year of Covid. General population behavior can influence crime types. Criminal activity in commercial and professional establishments is higher among Americans who stay at home.

It is also likely that the sharp rise in murder rates is due to the ease of access to weapons along with the stress and fear of violence.

Do you have an alarm system and a 24/7 monitoring station for your business or residence? With our installation services for commercial and residential alarm systems in Houston, TX, you can protect your family, home, and business.

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