How Can Security Solutions Improve Your Business’ Physical Security?

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When it comes to acquiring physical security solutions that larger companies use, small and medium businesses have been playing catch-up for over a decade. Fortunately, the gap has narrowed over time. As a business, you should use the following tools and physical security solutions to protect your assets.

A SMB can possibly employ hundreds of people, not just a mom-and-pop shop. This does not mean that physical security isn’t important for small businesses, it simply demonstrates that even small companies have many people and resources at their disposal. Even for the larger companies, even the larger SMBs, a team is usually responsible for the security of the business. A security guard will be on duty at these businesses to monitor and patrol.

The following tools are usually in place in these organizations:

Security Cameras

In a short period of time, there have been significant improvements in security camera systems. Not so long ago, it seemed that surveillance cameras produced photos with poor detail and were sometimes more of a hindrance than a tool. The cameras of today, however, have high-definition (HD) cameras with megapixel IP lenses that provide a high level of detail.

Digital signal processing (DSP), wide dynamic range cameras, and noise canceling are some other improvements. In a wide variety of environments, these HD systems are able to produce cleaner images. When businesses are closed, some systems can operate in low-light conditions.

Nowadays, cameras can be used by all kinds of businesses, including mom-and-pop stores. In addition to integrating with security companies, many options use advanced technology to detect motion and trigger a recording, an alarm, or notify authorities when motion is detected.

Texas Owl Security Solutions offers installation, repair, and maintenance services for security solutions near Houston, TX.

Security Systems

SMBs may want to consider installing a sophisticated security system for their brick-and-mortar locations, in addition to their surveillance system. Additionally, businesses can install motion detectors, door alarms, and access control systems in addition to digital camera systems. It is a great investment to protect your business’ assets, but you need a high-speed and reliable connection to use these systems.

Access Control

Access control is typically discussed as a security solution for protecting your business’ digital assets, but the same principle applies to your physical security. Using an access control system, you can limit access to certain areas of your business for certain employees. This type of security system usually consists of an automatic locking system and an authentication system mounted on a door. The options include mechanical, which uses a keypad for entry, electronic, which uses key fobs or badges, and biometric, which is based on some type of physical characteristic. Through a secure portal, you can control your access control system.

The future of locks and keys is access control, according to Texas Owl Security Solutions. You no longer have to worry about keys being lost or stolen. You can decide who has access to which door and when. You can also deactivate the fob or card of unauthorized personnel remotely as well as remove their permission.

Now is the right time to secure your business property. Get your business set up the right way by contacting our security advisors.

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