What to Look for in Commercial CCTV Systems?

residential and commercial CCTV installations in Houston,TX

You may feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of options available in the market when choosing from different CCTV systems. As a result, guidelines are necessary to select the best value for money system.

5 critical elements for your commercial CCTV camera system installations

To choose the best video surveillance system for your particular business, evaluate your options according to the following criteria.

#1: Quality coverage

It is possible to lose thousands of dollars depending on the quality of your CCTV security cameras. Invest in good quality cameras. CCTV coverage can be evaluated using surveillance resolution and surveillance coverage index, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Depending on the location of the object and the cameras, surveillance resolution refers to the level of detail you can capture when using CCTV cameras.

It looks more at the region than the object when calculating the surveillance coverage index. As a subset of the object space, the region can be a path, an area, or a 3D space. A resolution threshold can be set based on its use. A resolution for facial recognition might be two pixels per centimeter.

#2: Appropriate for your specific business

Among the camera systems you can choose from are:

Fixed dome cameras. In any setting, these cameras can blend in unobtrusively. Hotels, restaurants, and retail chains are popular choices for this type of camera.

HD and megapixel network cameras. The resolution of a high-definition camera is 720p or 1080p. There are one million pixels in a megapixel. The megapixel is the camera type. There are HD cameras. HD cameras are useful when identification of people or objects is required.

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. Wide-area cameras are good for larger facilities as they offer a wide viewing area. Physically moving a PTZ camera is possible.

Fixed bullet cameras. These cameras look like rifle bullets. The images are high-resolution and corrected for distortion by de-warping technology.

Fixed network cameras. Traditionally, these cameras are used in networks. Their viewing direction is fixed once they’re mounted. Ideally, they should be mounted where people will notice them.

#3: Maintainability and Reliability

It’s a good idea to test the reliability of a new system during a demo or trial period. System reliability and maintainability are the degrees to which a system can be operated, maintained, and upgraded over time.

Another way to gauge a CCTV system’s performance is:

  • Speak with security and management personnel in other organizations who have used the same system
  • Installation of new equipment on a smaller scale
  • Multi-vendor trials running at the same time

Evaluating Systems When It Comes to Residential & Commercial CCTV Installations in Houston,TX       

Your residential and commercial CCTV installations in Houston,TX probably have a lot of requirements. Nevertheless, protecting your employees, assets, and business operations shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your organization will benefit from an effective, cost-effective surveillance system by establishing clear standards.

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